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Sep 30, 2013

Business of the Year 2013

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Photo courtesy of Westmorland Gazette
Category: Awards
Posted by: UPP


On Friday night we went, with I can't overemphasise how much reluctance, to a 'sumptuous social occasion' - the awards night of the Westmorland Gazette Business and Tourism Awards. Bern and I dragged out our one decent outfit each. Nicola had a bit more choice but honestly its so not us. In a favourite clothes brand poll our answer would be Paramo - just the best walking gear! 

So we tried hard. Mingled, chatted cheerily to our neighbours, ate, and tried not to cringe too much at the 'lets join in and be jolly' entertainment.

Way past our bedtime we got into the actual awards and it was really well done. The compere was very funny in an innoffensive dry lancashire way. There was a real pizzazz to it with big screen presentations of the shortlisted entrants. 11 awards in it was the big one and there on the screen were our guys mixing puds, grinning in their hairnuts and a shot of us in our usual scruff reminding us of what we normally look like.

And then we won. Business of the year - Blimey! and we had to trot up and get a very nice glass award and a bottle of bubbly (that didnt last long) and have lots of photos taken and people cheered and we all felt a mite bemused. Who us? How did that happen?

Very nice though. Sometimes It takes other people to point out that you are doing a good job. I feel a bit taller today - which would of course explain why my weight went up this weekend instead of down. Yes, of course, that would be it.
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