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Whether you design your own label online
or ask us to do it for you, you need an
image for the label

You can use almost anything as long as the quality is reasonable:

Click on a title below for more advice about that type of image. Please note that the label creator will frame your image into a semicircle - you just need to crop it to a rectangular shape of about the right proportions for the space.

Standard Image

We've put a variety of standard images into the label creator which you can simply select and add your text. I think there is something there for everyone - photographic images, clip art and drawings. Slide the slider beneath the images in choose a theme to see them all. You can resize them if you want to add extra text beneath them.

Scanned Drawings

Scan the image straight - much easier than adjusting afterwards. Save as a jpg (not a pdf) at 200- 300dpi. The website won’t accept images above 2mb.If you do have to reduce the size you can do this in - see foot of page.
The label webpage will frame your image in a semicircle but you should roughly crop to the area you want before uploading. Dont worry if there is a black line around your drawing area just zoom in a little after uploading and it will disappear. I suggest that you put your scan through to make the best of your image before you upload and you may want to remove the odd smear. You don’t have to be a photoshop wizard – at the foot of this page there is advice on using fotor which is a free and easy online photoeditor. Don't forget you can also combine your scans in fotor to create a montage of multiple small drawings.


You can combine logos, multiple drawings, add bits of clipart and/or text to make a montage. Turn it into one image and upload it to your label. Again at the bottom of the page there is more on how to do this. bear in mind the semicircular shape which you are going to fill. It's not hard, it's fun. If you are daunted ask your kids to have a go!

Photographs make good labels and can be great if you do a bit of work on them. Most photos need a bit of help to liven them up. Putting them through the simple Fotor processes described at the bottom of the page makes a huge difference - like turning the lights on! Crop the photo down to roughly the area you want and save it as a jpg at ideally between 750kb and 1.5mb. If its larger than 2mb the label creator won't accept it.

Label creation online is simple and fun and worth taking a bit of time over to get a really striking label. Play with the fonts, the colours and the sizing to get something which works well with your image. You can change anything you want up to the point of ordering when it has to be final.

If you’ve never done any adjustment/enhancement of your photographs and scans then I’d recommend a really simple to use free website called which in four one click steps can make a tremendous difference to your photograph or drawing. You just select your image, click ‘basic editing’ and then ‘1-tap enhance’. Then just save – there are quality options on the save, move the slider all the way to the right. Back off a bit if it goes over 2000kb. Magic! Fotor also helps you crop your image if you need to and even create montages. It's such fun to use you can lose whole days.

If you’ve really enjoyed yourself you can have more than one label. You can have one for each flavour and one for each size of Christmas pudding if you wish.

But don’t get carried away: Last year a couple of people did personalised labels for each child. It sounds great and also sounds like it would be a great granny/auntie present so people would buy more. Looking at the orders it didn’t seem to make much difference. Very few bought multiple puddings. It was a huge amount of work for the individuals who put together all the labels and I doubt whether it was worth it.

Adding your title:

This is causing a little confusion. The text isn't edited on the label design but in the lower textbox under all the text colour options.

JPEG downloads of your label designs:

Once you've designed your label you can either save your design for later adjustment or you can complete it by selecting the All Done option. When you do this a green down arrow will appear alongside the small image in your label list. Press this arrow to download a jpeg of your label. You can still edit your design even after you've selected All done up to the point of ordering when it must be finalised. If you decide you don't want to use this label when you order please delete it.

No thanks. I want you to do it

Well of course we will. We charge £17.50 plus vat (£21) for a design. A single design can go on all types and sizes of puddings. Different designs on different types cost £21 each. Just send an email with what text you want and attach any images you want to use to When you order you need to go down into sundries and buy a 'label design'. Carole will send you an email proof of your label design before printing. If you want us to design the label you should order at least a week before the deadline date.

All about Labels

The label creator (and related pages) is not designed to be used on a mobile. To access these pages, you should view the site from a desktop or laptop.
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ultimate plum pudding testimonials

We bought The Ultimate Plum Pudding from the shop at Low Sizergh Barn. The pudding lived up to its name and was lovely.

Sean Ward

I just wanted to congratulate you on your Ultimate Triple Ginger pud, which I had from the Wine Society. Best ever ginger anything that I've ever tried!

Richard Clarke

I received 'The Ultimate Chocolate Pudding' as a gift for Christmas.  It was absolutely delicious.  Where can I buy this product.

Sarah Trott

My brother who hates Christmas puddings had a small slice and then asked for another piece’  I was astonished.

Jane King

Not being a great lover of Christmas pudding it remained uneaten until summer. We decided we better eat it rather than go to waste! It is the best pudding I have ever tasted.

Ruth Vanner

The Plum pudding we took to North Norfolk for a family get together between christmas and new year and everyone thought it was spectacular (even Jane my partner who is not a fan of christmas pudding)

Martin Hamilton

None of my family would eat xmas puddings until we ate yours… and now everyone does.

Jilana Fallows

Excellent chutneys and excellent on line service.

Carole Smith

Delicious & great presents too!

Amanda Shaw

Having just purchased, (and consumed!) one of your Ultimate Plum Puddings, I simply had to commend you on your truthful description of an absolutely first class pudding.

Joan Thom

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