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Fundraiser Products:

• Christmas Pudding,
• Sponge Puddings,
• Butters and some odds and ends . . .


Christmas Puddings

Our award winning Ultimate Plum Pudding is available in 3 sizes and in both No Gluten and Alcohol Free versions. I was asked today what makes it different. To some extent it's the balance of the ingredients so the flavours don't fight or dominate each other. It's the variety of ingredients we use and of course it's the fine ingredient quality too - but then everyone claims that. The main difference is that we make it like my Dad did. We dont inject the alcohol after cooking, we steep the fruits for at least 24 hours in the brandy and sherry so the fruits are plump and bursting with flavour. We mix it gently, and hand flatten the puddings after filling so they sit properly on the plate. Then we steam without pressure to let the flavour develop slowly and we stop before they caramelise and go bitter.

Two days natural cooling and then they are packed and stored so they are mature when we send them to you. The result is a light, sweet (but not too sweet), luxuriously delicious, celebratory pudding. We get so many compliments especially from people who are convinced that they 'dont like Christmas Pudding'. We are truly proud of this pudding.


ultimate plum pudding with melting brandy butter



We also make that luscious brandy butter you see melting over the pudding above. A good add on sale, it's made with unsalted sweetcream butter, icing sugar for silky smoothness, a little coarser sugar for a hint of crunch, a little lemon and nutmeg and as much brandy as it will take without splitting. Our Brandy Butter comes in 190g jars. At the moment it can't be personalised - it comes with our smart gold labelling.

Also available is our Rum Butter. A Cumbrian classic - darker sugar, a little orange and lots of dark rum.



Full details and ingredient listings
can be found on the items in the
fundraiser shop.




Sponge Puddings

We have four sponge puddings this year. Most are made in a classic English manner with fresh breadcrumbs and ground almonds in the mix to give puddings which are light yet richly textured and satisfying. All of them are available in a 3-4 portion size. They fill the same size basin as our 454g Christmas pudding but being a sponge they ae lighter.


Triple Chocolate pudding


Our ever popular Triple Chocolate is made with lots of real melted belgian chocolate and fine dark French cocoa powder. A real chocolate pudding is much more subtly delicious than a 'cocoa powder' pudding. Chocolate chips and a chocolate liqueur give it even more mmmm factor.

New last year, but incredibly well received, was our Sticky Toffee Pudding. A really gorgeous pudding with a lusciously squidgy top. A touch of salt in the caramel sauce prevents oversweetness . Like all our sponges it keeps for up to 6 months but I don't think it often gets the chance. At least as good as anything you'll find in the chiller. Well that's not actually our opinion - we think it's stunning. So did many of our fundraisers.


Sticky Toffee Pudding


The excellence of our Triple Ginger pudding so impressed the Fortnum and Mason buyers that it led to us making a range of sponges for them. Chunks of Australian Buderim ginger (thats all we ever use) in a buttery ginger sponge laced with Ginger wine. The flavour is round and luscious - not harsh at all. One of our customers commented: "Best ever ginger anything that I've ever tried!" Oh yes, like the Ultimate Plum Pudding it has a Gold Great Taste Award.


Triple Ginger Pudding


Last but not least is our Zingy Lemon Pudding. A liberal amount of fresh lemon zest gives this a real zing but it's tempered with the softness of lemon curd. It's freshness makes it a lot of people's favourite.


Zingy Lemon Pudding


All details of pudding and case sizes are on the items in the fundraiser shop.

We also offer subsidised tasting samples in limited quantities and a few sundries which you may find useful. Check out the Fundraiser shop for these.


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ultimate plum pudding testimonials

We bought The Ultimate Plum Pudding from the shop at Low Sizergh Barn. The pudding lived up to its name and was lovely.

Sean Ward

I just wanted to congratulate you on your Ultimate triple ginger pud, which I had from the Wine Society. Best ever ginger anything that I've ever tried!

Richard Clarke

I received 'The Ultimate Chocolate Pudding' as a gift for Christmas.  It was absolutely delicious.  Where can I buy this product.

Sarah Trott

My brother who hates Christmas puddings had a small slice and then asked for another piece’  I was astonished.

Jane King

Not being a great lover of Christmas pudding it remained uneaten until summer. We decided we better eat it rather than go to waste! It is the best pudding I have ever tasted.

Ruth Vanner

The Plum pudding we took to North Norfolk for a family get together between christmas and new year and everyone thought it was spectacular (even Jane my partner who is not a fan of christmas pudding)

Martin Hamilton

None of my family would eat xmas puddings until we ate yours… and now everyone does.

Jilana Fallows

Excellent chutneys and excellent on line service.

Carole Smith

Delicious & great presents too!

Amanda Shaw

Having just purchased ,(and consumed!)one of your Ultimate Plum Puddings,I simply had to commend you on your truthful description of an absolutely first class pudding.

Joan Thom

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